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Pioneering Building Technology

Your portfolio may encompass a diverse range of buildings, spanning different classifications, ages, and regions. Each building type offers unique characteristics and challenges to be evaluated and optimized through building technology solutions and specification development. With comprehensive planning and standards documentation, you are able to maintain consistency and control of your facilities. The capacity to closely manage your assets provides peace of mind and a roadmap for the future. 

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Facilities Integration Master Plan

Evaluate your existing building technology, including software and hardware, and use our industry expertise to illuminate a path towards more efficient, streamlined facilities operation. Consolidate building management software and data to a connected enterprise-level application while minimizing hardware cost. Develop a plan that will govern the implementation of your long-term building management initiatives, including equipment upgrades, budget estimates, implementation schedules, and a cost-benefit analysis.

Building Controls & Integration Guidelines

Develop a detailed standard to define your expectations for a controls project —from new construction to renovations and retrofits. These guidelines explicitly outline your approved vendors and communication protocols, as well as your IT and security provisions, data naming and tagging standards, and requirements for alarming, scheduling, and trending. Providing these guidelines to your project designers and including them in your bid sets will standardize your controls implementations and allow you to easily compare competitive bids, ensuring the utmost quality in your facilities controls and integration projects.

Division 25 Specifications

Establish a detailed Division 25 Specification (Integrated Automation) to ensure consistency in all integration projects. Define approved equipment models, describe an execution scheme for how the products will be installed, and detail the roles and responsibilities of your contractors. Tailored to your needs, these specifications prevent the frustration of inconsistent integrations and give you seamless control over all your integrated systems.

Meter Assessment & Retrofits

Conduct a thorough assessment of existing meters and MEP systems to create actionable steps to a holistic advanced metering infrastructure (AMI). Through the assessment, our engineers document existing meters, evaluating their ability to connect to an AMI. Then, when necessary, retrofits are suggested, planned, and executed according to exhibited need and your preferences. We focus on connecting unconnected meters, replacing manually read meters, and adding additional meters to provide you with valuable and comprehensive data.

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