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Master Systems Integration (MSI)

MSI results in the harmonization of all of your building technologies, from equipment controls to energy submeters, and ensures smart automation of your entire building portfolio. Access all of your data on one centralized platform and reap the benefits from a unified, intelligent, and responsive building ecosystem.

Enterprise Building Automation Systems (BAS)

Implement industry-leading tools to provide you with supervisory control and monitoring of all systems across all buildings, including building controls, lighting, submetering, and more. Combine data from disparate systems already in place. Our enterprise solutions include intuitive graphical visualization, efficient historical trending, organized alarm monitoring, and convenient equipment scheduling.

Specialized BAS Solutions

If an enterprise BAS is not right for your building portfolio at this time, Essex can resolve specific problem areas by enhancing your existing systems or deploying our own tools for new functionality.


Many facilities experience alarm fatigue, which prevents personnel from responding appropriately to the truly essential issues. Reducing alarm fatigue is important to maintain a productive workplace environment and optimize facility maintenance processes. Essex deploys effective alarm management strategies, such as reprioritizing alarms based on severity, implementing alarm suppression rules, identifying duplicate and nuisance alarms, and creating critical alarm digests so that building managers can focus on meaningful alarms and create a more efficient workplace.


Convenient equipment control is a critical aspect of modern equipment management, improving energy efficiency, productivity, and safety. Better scheduling will improve energy efficiency by allowing users to easily adjust settings and monitor usage, ensuring that equipment is not running unnecessarily and reducing energy waste. At Essex, we create intuitive and expeditious solutions for scheduling individual or groups of equipment, including applications that can be accessed directly from your phone.


Develop custom graphics for your BAS to streamline operations and enhance the efficiency of building management employees. Essex specializes in creating interactive and informative graphics for building automation systems at low cost, tailored to the specific needs and preferences of our clients, from detailed floor plans to campus plant overviews. Partner with us and use our custom graphics to improve the efficiency of your building management processes, by enhancing user experience and optimizing the overall performance of your facility.

Green Indoors

Enterprise Energy Management Information Systems (EMIS)

EMIS is a critical tool for ESG-conscious organizations looking to reduce their environmental impact and comply with regulatory requirements. Our EMIS platform offers an integrated solution for managing and monitoring environmental data and utility bills, providing insights into energy consumption, emissions, costs, and other key metrics using live submeter data or automatic billing imports. With our powerful analytics and reporting tools, you can easily identify areas for improvement and take action to reduce your environmental footprint.

Specialized EMIS Solutions

Computer with Graph

Custom Stakeholder Dashboards

Design custom views for monitoring and optimizing energy usage in buildings, providing valuable insights for building owners, facility managers, occupants, and other stakeholders. Essex evaluates each stakeholder’s circumstances and creates solutions tailored to their specific goals. We can generate encouraging, public-facing views for occupants, maintenance-focused views for facility managers, or revenue-centric views for building owners. By partnering with us for your dashboarding needs, you can achieve your energy goals, improve your bottom line, and demonstrate your commitment to sustainability. For those with no time to look at dashboards all day, combine our dashboard services with our automatic reporting to receive regular snapshots of your dashboards in your inbox.

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