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Energy Analytics

Essex provides you with interactive data insights or analytic reports automatically sent to your inbox regularly. Be proactive and prioritize your maintenance efforts with our fault detection & diagnostics, or identify inefficiencies and savings opportunities with our continuous commissioning.

Our smart energy solutions enable you to detect faults quickly, create custom dashboards to monitor consumption, and receive real-time alerts for any changes in energy consumption.

— Joe Buschman, Energy Technology Engineer


Fault Detection &
Diagnostics (FDD)

Utilize FDD to improve the performance and reliability of your mechanical and metering systems. Our platform uses advanced algorithms to detect faults and anomalies in your equipment, allowing you to identify and resolve issues before they become major problems. Maintenance technicians can receive intuitive alerts and invest more time in high-priority issues. While out-of-the-box FDD solutions are available, we will also develop custom rules to meet the specific requirements of your facilities. Reduce your downtime, lower maintenance costs, and improve the overall efficiency of your facilities.

Continuous Commissioning

Utilizing our fault detection and custom dashboarding capabilities, deploy remote continuous commissioning applications to maintain optimal building operation. Our continuous commissioning solutions constantly monitor and analyze building equipment and utility usage to identify inefficiencies and potential savings opportunities. Whether a fan belt is broken or a chiller supply temperature is outside its setpoint, the algorithms applied to your building fleet find specific equipment components that are operating incorrectly and identify long term degradation of systems. Remote commissioning provides a scalable solution that requires minimal legwork to improve efficiency, lower operating costs, and reach long term ESG goals.


Automated Reporting

Our software solutions offer quick and automated reporting solutions for all your BAS and EMIS needs. From reports on AHU runtimes to portfolio-level summary reports, Essex builds detailed yet easy-to-read reports for every level of your organization. With automated reporting, you have more time for critical tasks and data-driven decision making. Essex works closely with you to ensure that reports show only the most valuable information and are sent when you need them, so your organization can always be on the same page. By leveraging our data collection and analytics tools, automated reporting provides key information while maximizing your time to focus on what matters most: driving success and growth in your organization.

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