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Dedicated Support

Staffing shortages can often burden facility departments. Our intuitive tools and solutions streamline processes and reduce staffing requirements, but building managers may still require dedicated support. As an extension of your team, Essex can manage your BAS or EMIS and train your staff to efficiently use the tools at hand.

Software Training

While we prioritize tools that are intuitive for the end user, it is our goal to ensure that you become experts with any of your facilities software. For this, we deploy numerous training solutions. From virtual meetings to in-person site visits, from end-user training to advanced troubleshooting techniques, Essex is the helping hand to make your team fire on all cylinders. We will provide written training documentation, training recordings, and live training sessions. These resources will shorten on-boarding time and ensure successful implementation of new solutions in your organization.

BAS Management

Building Automation Systems

Over our many years working as an MSI, we have become very familiar with common pain points of various BAS softwares (Building Automation Systems). All BAS products require regular maintenance and management throughout their lifetime. If you are short on staff or time, we are here to become a team member in managing your BAS softwares. Essex has expertise with all aspects of BAS software including: various communication protocols, device polling/tuning policies, metadata tagging, and control logic. With employees in many time zones, we are always reachable by our service request system, phone, or email to provide our expertise in troubleshooting your BAS software. By partnering with you as a support provider, we provide innovative solutions to prolong the lifespan of your facility’s software and hardware. 

In a Meeting

EMIS Management

Energy Management Information Systems

Use your EMIS software to the fullest by extracting valuable data from your BAS software or utility bills. Essex uses our experience with utility modeling, metering, analytics, and EMIS solutions to provide you that support. As an auxiliary member of your team, Essex will regularly review your utility and usage data to deliver detailed reports on conservation measures that will provide the greatest ROI. Through the support process, Essex also offers specialized solutions to identify anomalies and help you prioritize upgrades for your facilities. We value each one of our relationships and enjoy helping our clients save money and conserve resources.

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If you do not see a building technology service that you are interested in, ask us about it! Our engineers are always developing and expanding our services, and we have a network of partners for referral. We are here to help!

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